Some FAQ we thought might help in saving your query time.

If you want a quick move just call us directly 0800255211 or fill in the booking form can be found in the website header.

We accept payment through MasterCard and Visa OR bank transfers. If you cannot pay via credit or debit card then you can directly transfer through your bank. Call us at 0800255211 for more information and payment options.

Though it is not likely to happen as we are extremely professional and careful in our work, although we cannot sit back and think that it would never happen, as it's not completely impossible. So for your consolation, we provide for the insurance that will be discussed when you call us to decide the quotes. But to answer now, of course, we will compensate you for any of your loss, big or small.

All the billing and invoicing is done under the name Multicity Movers with all the applicable taxes mentioned clearly over it.

We use both Large as well as standard-sized boxes. Large boxes ‘ height and width are 61cmx41cm and standard box is 51cmx31cm. The large box is designed to carry stuff like your clothes, bedsheets, sports equipment, etc. and the standard box is designed to carry books, files, CDs, etc. We also provide Wraps and other clothing material if needed.